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From long videos to viral shorts with ai

Highlight the stream moments that matter with Powder AI

Streamers no longer need to sift through hours of stream footage to find that perfect highlight. With Powder, streamers effortlessly transform their lengthy streams into bite-sized, social media clips that resonate with audiences on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. All it takes is a few clicks.



At Powder, we believe in the power of moments. Those exhilarating, joy-filled, jaw-dropping moments that every streamer experiences. More importantly, we believe in capturing those moments and turning them into opportunities for growth.

Our journey

  • 2020
    Powder started by building a highlight detection tool and social engagement app for easily creating, editing and sharing gaming clips on mobile
  • 2022
    Over the course of two years, we built a team of rockstars, raised $22M in funding, and succeeded in building a community of 3 million gamers
  • Today
    Powder’s team is laser-focused on developing and improving our groundbreaking AI video infrastructure to help gamers, creators, and their teams grow faster and smarter


Our 30+ AI models are built in-house and meticulously trained, understanding the nuances of some of the most popular games in the world, along with recognizing the emotionally charged moments that truly matter in conversations among friends, your team, or when you’re playing a brand new game. Whether it's a burst of laughter, an unexpected win, or a heartwarming shoutout, Powder helps you capture it all, ensuring no moment is left behind.



The future of influencer marketing content is powered by Powder. If you're a streamer looking to grow, a brand aiming to develop your audience, or a marketer who wants great video content to feed your channels quickly, Powder AI is where content creation finds efficiency.

Experience the Powder difference for yourself